Tornado ratings/review

Signum Pro – Tornado

Upadted : 22 Agust 2015










Comfort – 6/10                          ( Slightly better then the average polyester)
Stiffness – 6.5/10                      ( Quite soft and elastic relative to normal poly ) ( Regarding stiffness for poly, tension is key. )
Liveliness – 8/10                       ( Very lively with strong distinct ‘pop’ )
Response/Feedback – 8/10     ( Good feedback, fantastic response when hitting hard. )
Power – 7/10                              ( Good Power when fresh, but loses it power as it ages. )
Spin – 8/10                                 ( Great spin potential, one of the better ones for texted polyesters )
Durability – 5/10                       ( About average for a polyester I believe )
Tension Stability – 9/10           ( Its tension maintenance is one of the very best I have tested soo far, 2nd only to Poly Plasma. )
Playability – 7.5/10                    ( String plays well for a good long time! )
Control –  7/10                           ( Good control for a polyester, due to its tension stability, spin and bite. )

Overall Performance Rating – 9.5/10 ( When the still is still new and alive ) Then its 7/10 ( When it has died )

This string is simply a joy to hit with and use. I use a long and fast stroke with moderate top-spin , the string gives me good bite, mild pocketing, strong liveliness, pop and response, the combination of these simply gives a wonderful feel. The feel and bite helps greatly with the control of this high powered string.

String plays fantastic when fresh. And as it gets older and more worn out , its power level and pop decreases, texture is less rough but still has decent bite feel. Less crisp, tension still remains very strong and control is still good.


Main Characteristics that stands out when compared to other polyesters –

Powerful , Lively , Feel , Tension Stability