String elasticity


Note: Synthetic guts and multi-filaments are listed as nylon but this is not completely true, some of them contain blends of co-polymers. This nylon is also not the nylon found in clothes, but high quality nylon fibers(nylon 6) for greater feel and playability. Generally, these strings gives the string-bed a downy feel, somewhat like natural gut, they do not feel like co-polyesters.

The strings are arranged based on their elasticity, the most inelastic being on the extreme left and the most elastic being on the extreme right.

Lower tension and thinner gauge – Adds Elasticity
High tension and thicker gauge – Reduces Elasticity

Generally for more elastic strings – Better pocketing and larger sweet spot, more comfort, more power on touch shots, better tension stability, better playability, softer.

But less durabilty , less power on hard shots, strings tend to run, less lively, less control.

Generally for more less elastic strings – Better control on hard shots, better durability, more power on hard shots, livelier , more bite, spin.

But less comfort, lacks power on touch shots, less playability and tension stability.