Signum pro tennis grips

Great quality grips which I am able to offer at great prices!

Tour grip is Thin , tacky and absorbent . Colors – Bright Orange/Blue/White/Black/Bright Yellow

Magic grip is Thick, comfortable , tacky and absorbent . Colors – Black/White/Bright Yellow/Bright Orange

Wet grip is Soft and Dry. ( Grip dries up quickly. ) Colors – Only Purple

Micro grip (Best Grip!) Perforation and woven ,Thin and Tacky (Holes to help with evaporation and grips better) Colors – Black/White

$1.2 each for Tour grip/Magic grip/Wet grip
$1 each for bulk

$1.5$ each for Micro grip
$1.2 each for bulk

Grips are sold cheap and mainly only for my customers.