Signum Pro Firestorm 35-47 pounds


Tried firestorm and 55 pounds and I didn’t like it, it was unresponsive , a little stiff , had very bad spin and little to no bite at all.

But after listening to a friend to did firestorm at 48 pounds and read more review about this string on tennis warehouse forum, I decided to string it at 47 pounds.

At 47 pounds this string truely felt like its potential has been unleashed, comfort was great.
Mainly I noticed that the string-bed opened up nicely. What it now offered is a fantastic combination of immense power with great control.
At this lower tension the strings became a lot more responsive, providing me with much more feedback and snapping back effect. Spin was now above average for a poly!
Somehow this string keeps trampoline effect well at bay!

I really enjoyed its feel and I am now using it at 37 pounds. Trampoline effect is now much noticeable here, but the amount of comfort and power I am getting is definitely worth it all.
The string tends to make me hit flatter, so I did and I am playing even better then before.

37 pounds might seem awe-fully low but, because this string is extremely crisp , it did not become mushy at all.
This string excels fantastically at low tension, and I suspect it plays better for flatter hitters.

Only issues with this low tension are that , powerful slice shots are hard to use. ( Trampoline effect ) Control issn’t good for shots that are off center. Overall control is below average but still pretty manageable.

For flatter hitters I recommend 37 pounds – 42 pounds

And for players who hit more spin I recommend 45-48 pounds


((Update: 17 may 2015

Firestorm at 35-39 pounds is awesome but against better players who hit heavier and faster balls, this tension I find is too low, lacks control.

The thicker Firestorm has lesser trampoline effect and more control at low tensions.))


Update : 9 June 2015

This Poly is incredible, it is the very best polyester I have ever used.

The secret lies in its tremendous ball-pocketing ability which gives a ton of feel and control. The only other polyester string I have ever tried that has ball-pocketing this strong is Alu Power.

This string had emulate the fantastic effects at high tension, but the crosses must be strong at 3-5 pounds lower then the mains.

Also this string suits flatter hitters.