Poly Plasma ratings/review

Signum Pro – Poly Plasma (SPPP)
Signum Pro’s Famous Flagship string.

Updated 17 September 2015










Comfort – 6.5/10                      ( Comfort is quite good relative to other polyesters )
Stiffness –                                  ( Its softer than the standard polyester )
Liveliness – 3/10                      ( Has nice pop but only when I hit hard. )
Response/Feedback – 3/10   ( Not much response/feed-back for baseline shots but the softer and dampened feel might be favorable enough for some as a good net play polyester. )
Power – 4/10                            ( Below average Power level )
Spin – 4/10                               ( Decent spin, but in comparison to other polyesters, its spin is below average. )
Durability – 7/10                     ( Pretty Durable )
Tension Stability – 9.5/10      ( Tension stability is really good, in the realm of polyesters, its probably the best. )
Playability – 8.5/10                  ( String is playable much much longer then other polyesters )
Control – 9/10                          ( Due to its strong tension stability,consistency, low power and low trampoline effect. I found its control for big hard shots to be exceptionally good. Pretty safe from trampoline effects )

Feel ( My subjective opinion ) – 8/10

Not a great load of liveliness for this string, but liveliness was pretty ‘ok’ for my hard shots. I didn’t get a nice bite feel from this string. I felt spin was below average but decent enough for my game. I would have liked a little more power from the string. There was a lack of feel for baseline shots but volleys were better as the string sort of have a comfortable and soft vibe. Control is outstanding! The fantastic consistent performance and predictability that I get from this string more then makes up for any negatives. The extra comfort is a bonus.

But overall when it comes to reliability and long lasting ability, this string is probably second to none!
A real good idea to hybrid this with natural guts or high grade multi-filaments.

This string is fantastic for big hard hitters, this string will be playable for a lot longer than other polyesters.


Main Characteristics that stands out when compared to other polyesters –

Comfortable , Control , Tension stability , Playability