Volkl Cylone


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Volkl Cylone

This is a highly popular polyester string which is outstandingly strong in the control and spin departments.

Though it is a control type poly, it still offers decent comfort level and liveliness. Making it a popular choice
amoungst more advance players.

My opinion – This is definitely a polyesters that offers a ton of control. Its multitude of small and fine sharp edges
provides this string with tremendous bite and a good feel of it. Power level of this string is low. Very durable.
This string works exceptionally well in poly/syn gut hyrbrid.

Type : Co-Polyester
Structure : Mono-filament
Shape : Gear Shaped with many sharp edges
Colour : Black , Neon Yellow
Gauges : 1.25mm , 1.20mm

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Black, Neon Yellow


1.25mm, 1.20mm