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IMG_7250 Signum Pro Tornado

This is a highly popular and much talked about string in all stringing forums.

I have tested this string thoroughly and its one of my very best strings.

Spin and bite are definitely very good on this one . But I find its tension stability and control to be its greatest attributes.

When fresh this string had good pop , liveliness and power.

At the later and well used stages of its life, this string plays with less pop and power but continues to offer very good control and tension stability.


Gauges – 18G (1.17mm) , 17G (1.23mm), 16G (1.29mm)


Signum Pro Thunderstorm

Extremely textured string with fantastic Spin and Bite.

This string is both Crisp and Powerful. Nice qualities that makes you feel that you are really taking solid and powerful strikes at the ball.

At the later and well used stages of its life, the string plays with less Control, but Crispiness and especially its Power remains strong.


Gauges – Only in 17 Gauge ( 1.24mm )



msvfocushexstring MSV Focus-Hex

Hex shaped string, highly popular in the stringing communities worldwide. Well liked for being well priced and good strings.

19 Gauge version offers extreme Bite.

17/16 Gauges offers very good Durability.

Good spin.
This string as a very Lively feel to it.


Gauges – 19G (1.10mm) , 18G (1.18mm) , 17G (1.23mm) , 16G (1.27mm)


These are some of my recommended string for Spin and Bite. Regarding Feel and preferences, it can be pretty subjective.

This sample pack offers a great chance to test them all!


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Focus-Hex 19G / Tornado 18 G / Thunderstorm 17G, Focus-Hex 18G / Tornado 18 G / Thunderstorm 17G, Focus-Hex 17G / Tornado 17 G / Thunderstorm 17G, Focus-Hex 17G / Tornado 18 G / Thunderstorm 17G