Signum Pro Sample Pack

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A complete sample pack of Signum Pro’s newer high tech 3rd generation Co-polyester strings.


firestorm233optimized Signum Pro Firestorm

A premium Polyester with unique properties of Pocketing, Comfort and Feel.

This Polyester has a decent power & spin.
Great string for flatter hitters.

Used by top ATP Pros РMikhail Youzhney, Sergiy Stakhovsky, Mikhail Kukushkin 


Gauges Available – 18 G (1.20mm) , 17 G (1.25mm)



Signum Pro Tornado

This string not only offers great Bite and Spin potential,
it has terrific Tension stability.

One of the most popular textured strings worldwide.



Gauges Available – 18 G (1.17mm) , 17 G (1.23mm), 16 G (1.29mm)



Signum Pro Hyperion

This is like a smooth sleek rounded and softer version of Signum Pro Tornado.

This string offer pretty good Feel, mild Pocketing and decent Comfort for a polyester.

It works very well in all types of hybrid combinations


Gauges Available – 18 G (1.18mm) , 17 G (1.24mm)



Signum Pro Outbreak

This is a high Powered string.

Good strong pop, Liveliness and Crispiness.

Pretty decent Feel for a polyester.

Works well in hybrid combinations


Gauges Available – 18 G (1.18mm) , 17 G (1.24mm)


IMG_7253 Signum Pro Thunderstorm

This is a highly textured string with very good Spin and Bite.

Very high Power level.

Crisp and Lively string.


Gauges Available – 17 G (1.24mm)



Please make sure to inform me about your choice of string gauges. You can let me know through – ” The purchase notes when filling up the order form” , ”email me at” or best ” Whatsapp me at (+65) 98805413 .