Pyramid reel/660ft.


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By ISOSPEED – The Pyramid is a one-piece (monofilament) polyester string. The manufacturing process and the unique, triangular cross-section of the Pyramid have opened up unimagined opportunities to topspin and slice players. The pleasant feeling of playing with Pyramid strings, its unique shape and its extraordinary durability are due to a second heating process, the Double Heating.

I find this polyester to give good control. It has nice crisp pop. When stringing it stretches a lot , feels like a pretty soft polyester.

Spin, durability and control for hard shots are good.

Might be a good choice of string for someone looking for a durable spin string with enough control and comfort.

Type : Co-Polyester
Structure : Mono-filament
Shape : Triangle
Colour : Ivory
Gauge : 1.30mm