Poly Plasma stringset/40ft.


Note: When order has been placed, the 40 ft. stringset will be cut out from the original string reel and repackaged.

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One of the very best co-polyester strings in the market, well priced and a main stay.
Used by ATP pro Yen-Hsun Lu (Poly plasma/ Signum Pro Premium Gut) and Michael Berrer (Poly Plasma)

This is one of the very first 3rd generation co polyesters created, and offers quite decent comfort.

A consistent string with strong control,
A softer type of polyester with tension stability that is second to none.
Comfortable and more dampened, muted type of polyester
Its other characteristics are on neither extremes as such many find this strings to be well balanced.

This string has won numerous awards and has held its place as one of the top strings in stringforum.net for many years and will continue to remain in the top.

Great string to use as mains in a hybrid set-up.
This string plays great at all tension levels and also suitable for players of all levels!
Comes in 17L, 17 , 16 , 15L gauges.

For more info, check out my review here.

Type : Co-Polyester
Structure : Mono-filaments
Shape : Round
Colour : Pearl Orange
Gauges : 1.18mm, 1.23mm, 1.28mm, 1.33mm

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1.18mm, 1.23mm, 1.28mm, 1.33mm