Focus Hex stringset/40ft.


Note: When order has been placed, the 40 ft. stringset will be cut out from the original string reel and repackaged.

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Quoted from MSV website – The MSV FOCUS-HEX® string is a top rated co-polyester string in hexagonal profile.

It provides great power, excellent control, enhanced spin and improved tension maintenance.

More than 1 million stringings with MSV FOCUS-HEX®. Our bestseller MSV FOCUS-HEX® 1,23mm was awarded String of the Year multiple times by the leading tennis string community ( This string was winner of the following poly categories: durability, spin and tension maintenance.

It is the third most rated string ever amongst 2,129 rated strings (status: 21 August 2014; MSV did not perform any kind of promotion activity). Tennis player’s satisfaction scores at an excellent level of above 90% (357 ratings; status: 6 October 2014).

The great characteristics of MSV FOCUS-HEX® is based on a unique material-mix which is the result of long-standing research and development. The string is ideal for players demanding maximum durability with exceptional spin and control.

My opinion : Personally, the 1.10mm version of this string IS the string of my choice for spin bit and top-spin feel. Its biting ability is just incredible in my opinion, once the ball touches the string bed, its immediately caught in the string-bed. The bite feel and topspin is just fantastic. Ball slippages are impossible.

Very nice lively feel and response from this string!
But has a wire-like feel when strung at higher tensions.
Note: Recommended tension for this string is 52 pounds or less

Type : Co-Polyester
Structure : Mono-filament
Shape : Hexagonal
Colour : Sky Blue , Red , Black , Natural
Gauge : 1.10mm , 1.18mm, 1.23mm, 1.27mm

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1.10mm, 1.18mm, 1.23mm, 1.27mm


Sky Blue, Red, Natural, Black