Firestorm stringset/40ft.


Note: When order has been placed, the 40 ft. stringset will be cut out from the original string reel and repackaged.

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This is a premium high tech co-polyester string of Signum Pro.
String of choice by ATP pros Mikhail Youzhny, Mikhail Kukushkin, Philipp Petzschner and Sergiy Stakhovsky.



This is a unique and rare type of polyester.

It has performance characteristics on extreme ends that are not commonly associated with polyesters.
Firestorm is extremely high powered compared to other polyesters.
Firestorm is also extremely high on comfort compared to other polyesters.

From my tests , this string is a lively type of polyester. It has strong pocketing feel due to comfort and higher elasticity.

Playability of this string – If your looking for comfort and power this is plays good for an extremely long period of time. If your looking for control and tension stability , then this string issn’t for you.

String Firestorm 2 pounds lower then synthetic guts and you will get a more comfortable, more powerful, more control, weather resistant , more spin , more durability alternative to synthetic gut string. If you are looking for a poly/multi hybrid with extra power and spin, use Firestorm in the mains.

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Type : Co-Polyester
Structure : Mono-filaments
Shape : Round
Colour : Metallic Gold
Gauge : 1.20 mm , 1.25mm


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1.20mm, 1.25mm