Black Fire stringset/40ft.

$10.90 $9.90SGD

Note: When order has been placed, the 40 ft. stringset will be cut out from the original string reel and repackaged.


By ISOSPEED –This monofilament polyester string was developed specifically for the demands of professional tour play. Complete control with high acceleration. Just released following successful use on tour!
String of choice by atp pro J├╝rgen Melzer.

This is a pretty interesting co-polyester from ISOSPEED.
In the context of Co-polyesters, this one is extremely low powered and gives good consistent responds, as such , this string offers very high levels of control and precision.
It has an extremely dampened feel for a co-polyester and the string-bed feels firm but still somewhat soft and comfortable enough.
Due to its unique feel and power level, this string does maintain the similar playability level much longer then other co-polyesters.

If you are a hard hitter who takes huge long swings at the ball, and would prefer less power and more precision, this string would suit you.
Its a very control oriented type of co-polyester, but its for more advanced players who can generate their own power.
One could also make use of some of its unique properties by using this string in a hybrid set-up.

Type : Co-Polyester
Structure : Mono-filament
Shape : Round
Colour : Black
Gauge : 1.25mm