Polyester strings ( Differences )

Polyesters are mostly made of the same materials, there is a huge amount of polyesters – different brands and models. There are many that feels the same.

But not all polyester are quite the same, they usually have some qualities that are different from other polyesters be it bad or good. The better and more unique polyesters will have more qualities that gives an edge over the rest.

Here are some of my findings from Extremely Thorough testings and feed backs. Though I mainly only tested the strings from the brands I am selling…

Signum Pro Poly Plasma



1) Extremely Good Tension Stability ( one the the very best ever for a polyester )
2) High control and consistency
3) Slightly more comfortable than other polyesters
4) Very well priced ( One of the best selling string in the world, produced in large quantities. )


1) Spin is below average for a polyester
2) Lesser feedback and response for a polyester
3) Power is below average




Signum Pro Firestorm

1) Very Crisp
2) Extremely good comfort at low tensions
3) At low tension, it has great response/feedback
4) High Power Level
5) Very good pocketing for a Polyester.
6) Soft yet Crisp , Comfortable yet Durable . ( These two combinations are one of the hardest to achieve as they are often conflicting in nature.)

1) Poor spin at high tension
2) Very poor bite.
3) Lack of string dynamic movements at high tension
4) Tends to make one hit flatter.


Signum Pro Tornado



1) Above average spin for a polyester
2) High power
3) Very good tension stability
4) Above average bite
5) Very good ‘pop’ (liveliness) for a polyester


1) Less durability than a normal polyester
2) I think its control is slightly below average
3) Less forgiving for off center shots


Signum Pro Hyperion


1) Soft for a polyester
2) Comfortable for a polyester
3) Good Response/Feedback
4) Excellent string for hybrids


1) Less Durable than normal polyesters




MSV Focus-Hex



1) Very Lively
2) Very strong Bite
3) Very good spin
4) More durable than normal polyesters
5) Good control for topspin strokes


1) Stiffer than normal polyesters