My new racquets

Hi all, I am pretty much done with the small head player racquets. Though these racquets gives a sweeter feel and are better for testing strings, they aren’t so forgiving. I have already done a good load of string testing for a really long time, even to the extend of changing my strokes just to feel the differences. Its time to go back to my most comfortable style of play and improve my tennis. I use the normal modern forehand stroke, a semi-western grip with moderate spin.


IMG_1185This is my new racquet of choice!

The steam 105S , nice big head size for good power and forgiveness. Given my style of play which is from the baseline and the top-spin which causes the ball to roll over a larger area of the string-bed(less room for error! when timing the shots.), a larger head naturally allows me more room for error when timing my shots. Its also a great racquet for spin .


Racquet Review

I do not find the spin of this racquet to be as amazing as what it claims to offer. But it has significantly better bite feel. Its 16×15 string pattern causes string notching really quickly (Strings burst a lot faster ), though its extremely easy to string haha.

Only 15 strings in the crosses and as expected, this racquet has extremely poor feed-back and response. I had to remove the dampener, which worked, I now had some feed-back/response.

Stiff racquet, big head and wide beams, its a very powerful racquet.

Performance wise I am very satisfied with this racquet, very forgiving, great power, good control ( due to spin and bite ).


Update 25 may 2015 :

The open string pattern 16×15 on a 105 sq inch frame, is extremely bad for the strings!

Usually takes about 12 sessions before my MSV strings dies, but with this racquet, the strings are dead in less than 4 sessions!
The tension lost was about 2.5 times more significant, the huge lost of tension made it very unplayable. ( after the initial lost of 5 pounds due to string settling , it quickly lost another 6 pounds in just 2 sessions. )

This racquet is better for players taking shorter strokes, and requires the extra power and spin from the racquet.

Because I take a full swing with hard strokes, yes the racquet did amplify power and spin which I wanted but, the strings simply can’t last!

Update : 9 June 2015

I love the performance capabilities of this racquets but it continues to kill all the strings I try.

Multi-filaments bursts after 3 sets and synthetic gut bursts after 2 sessions.

Polyesters all dies after 2nd session and becomes unplayable after 4-6 sessions.

But HAVE SOLVED this problem! – Signum Pro Firestorm ( I call this the natural gut of polyesters.) This string hasn’t died even after 7 sessions. This string is also EXTREMELY resistant to notching. I can’t praise this string enough! I will write about this string in my next blog, it will be dedicated to nothing but Firestorm. –