My Best String Set-ups

I have tested countless amounts of strings, string combination using different tension, racquets, tennis strokes etc. The feedback I get from my customers has also been a tremendous help.

Here are string set-ups that are the best I have gotten –


Hybrid Stringing – Signum Pro Hyperion(Soft Polyester in mains)/Micronite (Multi-filament in crosses)









This set-up achieves the goal of extremely good response/feedback (Feel), very comfortable feel.

Suited for people who ranks “feel” as their most important quality.

This set-up excels for touch shots and volleys but is still versatile enough for good control on big hard shots and sufficient durability due to the polyester in the mains.

Somehow of all the multi-filaments and polyester combinations I have tried, this combo is clearly the best.


Full Polyester – MSV Focus-Hex 1.10mm ( 19 Gauge ) 









This is without a doubt one of the very best Spin strings in the market.

The unique properties of this polyester that stands out from all other polyesters is its  fantastic Spin , Bite and Liveliness.

This string suits topspin strokes extremely well, low trampoline effect and high control for such strokes.

Its my easy go to string for topspin players. The playability and tension stability of the 19 gauge might be too low for some people and in such cases , thicker 18 and 17 gauges is the solution or maybe Signum Pro Tornado.


Full polyester – Signum Pro Firestorm








Firestorm was designed for big hard and fast hitting shots for the touring pros. However at high tensions, this string is very one dimensional( only suits a hard flatter hard hitting style of play).
It was by chance that I tested this string at very low tensions and its amazing.

40 – 45 pounds firestorm is the string of choice for many of my customers who are veteran players of the game. Suited for players who relies on ‘feel‘ , enjoys high levels of comfort and power. Suited style of play – touch shots , short swings.

Comfort and durability are usually contradictions but not for this string at low tensions!

Incredibly good pocketing considering its a polyester string.

Very Crisp string yet soft, another rare and premium combination. Its feel and sound is not quite the same as other polyesters

This string at low tension retains all the unique qualities of polyesters but now manifests the amazing comfort, power and feel of soft strings.


Not in ranking order. I will add more soon. I have yet to include Natural guts also .