MSV Focus-Hex ratings/review

MSV – Focus-hex
MSV’s Flagship string

Updated 17 September 2015










Comfort – 4/10                            ( Below average in comfort level )
Stiffness – 4/10                           ( Somewhat stiffer than normal polyesters. )
Liveliness – 8/10                        ( Very lively )
Response/Feedback – 6.5/10  ( Good feel for topspin baseline shots. Not so great for touch and net shots like most polyesters. )
Power – 5/10                               ( Average for a polyester )
Spin – 9.5/10                               ( Very fierce bite.Phenomenal spin, best I have ever gotten! )
Durability – 9/10                        ( This string is really very durable, making it a popular choice for topspin players who burn through strings quickly due to notchings. )
Tension Stability – 5/10            ( Average tension stability for polyester. )
Playability – 5/10                        ( Average for polyester )
Control – 7/10                              ( String is firm and offers good feel for bite. Pretty good control. )

Feel (My subjective opinion ) – 8/10

This is a pretty good textured polyester string, good bite feel coupled with great durability makes this string pretty lasting for high racquet head speed topspin players.

This is a firmer string with good pop and liveliness which works well for baseline games, slices, kick serves and topspin is where this string shines, but for touch and feel I think its lacking like most polyesters.

Thicker  gauges of this string – 1.23mm, 1.27mm has significantly more tension stability and durability.

Thinner gauges of this string – 1.10mm, 1.18mm has more bite and feel.


Main Characteristics that stands out when compared to other polyesters –

Bite , Spin , Liveliness, Durability