Kevlar/Polyester Hybrid

Had to try this set-up. Kevlar being in the mains and Polyester being in the cross.

This set-up has probably the greatest spin and control potential.

Polyester being in the crosses does what it does best, being a smooth grid allowing the mains to slide and snap-back strongly , this is the most important factor for greater spin potential.

Kevlar in the mains resists the notching due to these dynamic movements, Kevlar also being thin with strong bite and extreme resilience to stretching takes this spin set-up to the next level.

My conclusions – Fantastic set up to resist notching, a much greater durability , control and spin potential. However this all comes at a huge sacrifice of “feel“, “comfort” and “power” . Kevlar strings are simply much less responsive compared to all other types of tennis strings.

This set-up is probably best for people who –

– Uses bite as feel rather than pocketing and vibrational response and feedback.

Big hitters who has too much power and require less power and more control from the strings.

Arms of steel. Do not suffer from too much soreness or arm pains when using this set-up frequently.

Heavy baseline top-spinners.