Hyperion/Mircronite Hybrid Review

Did Hyperion in mains and Micronite in crosses.










Comfort – 9/10                          ( Fantastic )
Stiffness – 9/10                          ( Very soft and elastic )
Liveliness – 2/10                       ( Didn’t feel lively at all )
Response/Feedback – 9/10     ( Very good feedback on touch shots. Good pocketing and dwell time. )
Power – 5                                    ( Was getting good power on touch shots, but low power on hard shots. )
Spin – 3/10                                 ( not any where near a full poly set-up )
Durability – 8.5  ( 16 Gauge )  ( This is very durable for a multi-filament! )
Durability – 7 ( 17 Gauge )       ( Will fray as quickly as normal multi-filament, but even in its frayed state, holds playability and tension as well as before and takes a good time before it bursts. )
Tension Stability –  8.5            ( Excellent been testing it so far and is barely losing tension )
Playability – 9                            ( Excellent, string feels the same each time I use it so far. )
Control – 9/10 ( Touch shots )    ( I found it to be perfect, but I am sure natural gut will be better. )
Control – 6.5/10 ( Hard shots )   ( The strings were really soft and elastic but trampoline effect was still minimal, the great pocketing and feedback/response from the strings does helps a lot with control.)

Feel ( My subjective opinion ) – 9.5/10

This is the best Poly/Multi hybrid I have ever tried!
This set-up feels more comfortable than a full multi-filament set-up . Was extremely soft and comfortable with lots of responsiveness and feedback, giving me great feel for touch shots. Excellent Plow Through.
This set-up feels Gut-Like and would now be my go to set-up for comfort and feel for touch shots.

Hard shots were very cushioned but the lack of spin and ‘pop’ doesn’t match a full polyester set-up at all.

Hard flatter shots on this set-up felt much more controllable and has nice pocketing/cupping effect.


Main Characteristics that stands out when compared to other polyesters/multi hybrid –

Comfortable , Tension stability , Playability , Strong Response/Feedback and Pocketing.