Hyperion ratings/review

Signum Pro – Hyperion

Update : 22 Agust 2015










Comfort – 7.5/10                      ( Good level of comfort here for a Polyester )
Stiffness – 7.5/10                     ( This string is nice and soft for a Polyester )
Liveliness – 5.5/10                  ( Decent liveliness )
Response/Feedback – 7.5/10         ( Has mild pocketing, decent ‘pop’ vibrational response and feedback is pretty good. )
Power – 6.5/10                          ( More power than the average polyester )
Spin – 7.5/10                                  (Smooth non-textured string , strong string snapping back effect creates good spin potential )
Durability – 6.5/10                  ( Average durability )
Tension Stability – 8/10        ( Tension stability is good. )
Playability – 8.5/10                 ( Loss of liveliness is gradual, this string plays near its peak much longer than most other polyesters )
Control – 7/10                            ( Control is good even though its a higher powered poly. )

Feel (My subjective opinion ) – 8/10

Didn’t get a defined bite feel when using this string and I’d prefer a string that is slightly stiffer then this. But other then that, this string is pretty perfect for me. I like its power level, I have no complains about its spin, nice great feel and pocketing on my shots, comfort is very nice, string is very consistent, resilient and reliable like poly plasma.

This string is really smooth and though it might have average ‘bite’ it has good snapping back action and nice ball pocketing feel. Due to its good tension stability , its ball pocketing ability is decent and you won’t be getting much trampoline effect.

I felt that this string though not crisp, has very nice feel on touch shots.
I would recommend this string for heavy and more solid Player’s racket.


Main Characteristics that stands out when compared to other polyesters –

Soft , Comfortable , Good Response/Feedback , Tension Stability , Playability