Hybrid Tensions

Updated : 12 June 2015

Hybrid tension means , stringing the mains and the crosses at different tensions.
A 52 pounds mains and 48 pounds crosses will be referred to as 52/48 ( mains/crosses).

Tension is responsible for many characteristics, but it is mainly for , control , power and comfort(Both types).
The mains strings contributes more significantly to these 3 factors, as such, tension in the mains affects these 3 factors greatly. But..

All racquets are strung mains first and crosses second, the crosses are weaved through all the mains and when tension is added to the crosses, this also adds to the mains very significantly. ( when stringing at full 52 pounds , the mains might only be 34 pounds when installed and when crosses are added it rises to 50+ pounds )
In summary, raising or lowering the tension of the crosses will inevitably carry over into the mains tension ! Yep they are interconnected and varying their tensions will not vary overall feel very significantly at all!

So what the point of hybrid tension ?

Well the crosses are not as connected to the mains as the mains are to the crosses. So varying the crosses can change attributes such as feeback/response, comfort in terms of feel, crispiness, etc!

Lower tension in crosses will decrease fiction which allows for string in mains to snap-back better, there will be greater spin potential.

Lower tension in crosses will make vibrational feedback/response more comfortable.

Lower tension in the crosses will however cause the mains to be come less durable, playability drops faster and string loses tension faster.

Note 🙁 Try not to go more then 5 pounds difference between the mains and crosses. The tension difference adds stresses to the racquet frame.)

For a full same polyester set-up.

I would usually go about 2 pounds lower on the crosses just to increase feel, comfort and the strings opens up a little better.

You can go higher on the crosses if you like a more crisp , livelier feel , or higher frequency vibrations, it gives an illusion of a much higher overall tension level.

Hybrid of different string types.

Lower tension for the polyester string and high tension for the softer strings, this still applies as explained in the previous page.

But in hybrid it is a little more complicated.

Tension also effects the degree of interaction between the surfaces of the strings. This is important for snapping back ability. Unfortunately, this cannot be generalized and must be specifically tested.


Will explain more about hybrid string-setups – Hybrid soft string/polyester