Hybrid soft string/polyester

The most common hybrid on the pro tour is Polyesters/Natural guts. Just a bit more pros uses the natural gut in the crosses instead of the mains.

However for regular players, we normally use multi-filaments/synthetic gut as a replacement for the expansive natural gut.

(Hybrid stringing is an ingenious and effective way to obtain the best qualities from soft strings and polyester strings!)


Now how do we combine these strings and get the best of both worlds?

Whether the soft string( Natural gut, Multifilament, Synthetic gut) is hybrid in the mains or crosses makes a huge difference, I will explain –

Polyester/Soft string ( This means poly in the mains and soft string in crosses )

All the other factors and how they play out has been explained in the earlier guides.

The main advantage of this set-up is the durability from polyesters as it is in the mains and the better response/feedback ( Feel ) that softer strings offers are amplified due to the fact that it is in the crosses.

Soft string/Polyester

Soft strings holds tension and playability better, are more comfortable and has more power, these qualities are amplified due to the soft strings being in the mains. Polyesters feels more lively and crisp which will now be felt more than the type of feel soft strings offers since the polyester is now in the crosses.

Main this disadvantage of this set-up is that the durability of a soft string in mains is not good.