Hybrid – Hyperion/Micronite and Micronite/Hyperion


Micronite – Multi-filament
Hyperion – Soft smooth Co-polyester.
Racquet 1 – Micronite in the mains and Hyperion in the crosses. Tension – 50/48
Racquet 2 – Hyperion is the mains and Micronite in the crosses. Tension 48/50

I have tested these string individually several times and knew they’d most likely make a great hybrid.

I have tested these new hybrid set-up a many times and the feel of both the set-up are vastly different.

Racquet 2 was extremely soft and comfortable with lots of responsiveness and feedback, giving me great feel for touch shots.             ( This set-up feels Gut-Like and would now be my go to set-up for comfort and feel for touch shots )

Racquet 1 felt much more like a polyester set-up, this set-up was very crisp, lively, strings did not run much , spin and comfort was pretty good. ( I find that this set-up was very advantageous as it had all the offerings of a full polyester set-up but with the added benefit of comfort. )

By the way. Multi-filaments holds tension and playability better than polyesters as such , although this set-up might be less durable then full polyester, it will have better tension stability and playability. Also note that responsiveness/feedback comes from the crosses.

The mains takes more damage , as such Racquet 1 will have better playbility and tension stability then Racquet 2 but it will be less durable.