Guide to Strings ( Introduction )

Every time one takes a swing at the tennis ball, the only equipment that actually makes contact with the ball is the tennis strings. Tennis strings and its choice of tension are much more important than what one usually thinks.

In terms of feel and performance that comes from your tennis equipments, String and Tension  are actually responsible for 60-70% and the tennis racquet only 30-40%. This is much against one’s intuition given the amount of marketing and promotions that Tennis racquets gets in this industry.
(Note: Players with skill level of NTRP 2.5 or less will not be able to bring out the performance and quality of most strings. Its best they stick to cheap and comfortable strings like synthetic guts.). ( Click Here for NTRP rating chart. )

Re-stringing your racket is not cheap nor is it convenient. This is an important topic that should be understood and yet it is so rarely spoken about, let alone being understood!

Its ridiculously hard to find any proper information on this topic and  the ones that you find would most likely confuse you even further…

I would like to share with you everything I know, saving you the hassle, confusion and lack of means to obtain proper knowledge.

I have done thorough and tedious research on this topic with great passion, much more so than the thesis for my final year of University.

I truly hope that these knowledge will assist you in picking cheaper, better and more suitable strings for your style of play and racquet. And maybe even helping you understand the game of tennis better, helping you take your tennis game to the next level. Or simply enjoying it better.

Stringer’s Logic ” Just give the customers strings that are used by Nadal and Federer, they can’t possibly comeback and complain that the strings are lousy! ”

Lets begin. Click here – Guide to Strings ( Basic 1 )