Guide to Strings ( Basic 3 )

Polyesters or Soft strings ? ( For the Normal recreational players! )

Upadted : 1 Oct 2015


The beginners will usually be best off with a Synthetic gut string. These types of string are cheap and softer . Basically different types of strings will not make much of a different to a beginner’s game. They will not be able to bring out the qualities and performance that the strings offer and are in the stage where they should develop their strokes first.
As such, their most important concerns for a strings are simply , comfort( mishits/off center shots are common) and price.

Once they have developed their strokes more and are able to hit shots with moderate pace consistently, they would probably want strings with better feel and qualities. ( Multi-filaments, soft co-polyesters or some hybrid combination.)


– Once they have hit an intermediate level and are able to generate their own pace comfortably. Hit hard/strong shots, most would generally want more control and go for full polyesters or hybrids at higher tensions.

Generally at intermediate level or higher, its dependent on the style of play and preference of an individual.


I will list the suitable choice based on style of play and preferences.

Polyester suits –

Style of play – Big hitting players / Players with long and fast strokes.
Style of play Topspin players.
Style of play Players that relies on heavy slice shots.
Style of play Players that plays mostly from the baseline.
Style of play – Players who bursts strings easily.
Preferences Players who wants to use the string for a long time without it bursting.
Preferences  Players that wants a high level of control.

Preferences – Players who wants optimal transference of power from their full swing
Preferences Players who like lively strings that gives a nice crisp “pop”.
Preferences Polyester strings are far more water resistant then any other strings
Preferences Players that are extremely neurotic about strings running.

Preferences Players who likes the feel of string brushing/biting the ball .
Preferences Players who likes , stiffer, firmer feel.

Soft strings suits –

Style of play – Players who doesn’t hit the ball hard.
Style of play – Players with short swings.
Style of play – Players who likes to volley a lot.
Style of play Players that relies a lot on touch/feel shots.
Style of play – Newer players who are still unable to generate their own pace and often hits the ball off-center.
Preferences – More comfort from strings.
Preferences More power at net , More feel.
Preferences Players with Tennis elbow / Niggling arm pains.
PreferencesPlayer who wants the string to absorb more impact vibrations.
Preferences – More pocketing and longer Dwell time.

Generally speaking , polyesters gives superior performance from the baseline and Soft strings gives superior performance at the net.

 Thats not all !

There are many other ways to get your desired combination of qualities and preferences.

Other very popular styles of stringing-

Extremely Low tensioned Polyester stringing.
Hybrid stringing ( Poly/soft string or Soft string/poly )
Choice of tension, string model and racquet also makes a lot of difference.

These will be explained in the more advanced sections .

Lets now proceed to the last chapter of the basic guide – Guide to Strings ( Basic 4 )