Guide to Strings ( Basic 4 )

Does Polyester strings lasts longer then Soft strings? Well it depends!

How long a string lasts depends on 3 main factors.

Durability ( How quickly it bursts )
Tension stability ( How quickly it loses tension )
Playability ( How quickly a string dies and how quickly it loses performance. )

Generally ,

Stiff strings – High Durability, Low Tension stability, Low Playability.
Soft strings – High Tension stability, High Playability, Low Durability.

(Some reasoning – Softer strings are more elastic, it disperses and absorbs impact better.)

This is just a general comparison, but to give some credit to Stiff strings like polyesters, although they lose Playability faster, they are much more Lively than Softer strings to begin with!
Also polyesters have very high Dynamic Tension, as such, they can lose a lot of Tension yet still be playable and not too mushy!

( Tension = Static tension.)

( Dynamic tension = rate at which Tension value rises under deformation/stress )


There is a ridiculously wide range of different Polyesters ( They come from the different chemical additive mixed with Polyester. )
Some polyesters are much softer then others, some much more lively, they even come in different shapes and sizes.

There are many more characteristics, I will guide you further – Characteristics/Terminologies ( Intermediate 1 )