Guide to Strings ( Basic 1 )

There is a ridiculous amount of different tennis strings in the market

But to summarize all this simply and succinctly….


                One could say, there are actually only 2 types! SOFT strings and STIFF strings.

Before I talk about the different types of strings, I hope you get the context.

(( On the pro tour, the pros almost exclusively uses Natural Gut for their Soft string and Polyesters for their Stiff string.

For normal non-professional players, we almost exclusively use Multi-filaments and Synthetic Gut for our Soft string and Polyesters for our Stiff string))


Soft stringsNatural Guts , Multi-filaments , Synthetic Gut and Nylon.

( Basically, Natural Gut is king and the rest of the Soft strings  are made in effort to emulate the extremely desirable qualities and characteristics of Natural Gut! )

Best Natural Guts                          ( Made from the Serosa in Cow’s intentines )
2nd Best Multi-filaments           ( These are the best man-made strings closest to that of Natural Gut )
3rd BestSynthetic Guts              ( Cheap and playable strings. Good for beginners )
LastNylon(Mono-filament)      ( Cheapest string in the market, found on commercial, factory strung rackets )

Multi-filaments , Synthetic Guts, and Nylon strings are all made from a special type of Nylon material. Their difference lies in their structure. For more details on their structure CLICK HERE


Stiff strings Polyesters, Kevlar

Polyesters in the market today are almost all superior 3rd Generation Polyesters or also known as Co-polyesters.
If you have any confusion or want to know more about Polyesters in detail CLICK HERE

Kevlar strings – Very inelastic strings, but extremely durable. This string is almost 3 times stiffer than polyesters!
As of yet, I do not have enough experience with Kevlar strings, but it does have some unique functions.
Only about 1% of the Pros uses it.For now, I will completely ignoring Kevlar string in this guide.


What should you use? What are the main differences between  Soft and Stiff Strings ?
I will help explain more of it. Click link to next page – Guide to Strings ( Basic 2 )