Firestorm ratings/review

Signum Pro – Firestorm

updated : 17 September 2015

String of choice by ATP Pro – Mikhail Youzhny, Mikhail Kukushkin, Philipp Petzschner and Sergiy Stakhovsky.











Comfort – 7.5/10                                ( Good comfort for a polyester )
Stiffness –                                            ( For a polyester, its on the softer side )
Liveliness – 6/10                                ( Somewhat lively for a polyester )
Response/Feedback – 7.5/10           ( Fantastic response/feedback at low tensions. Feel is great for baseline but not for net play. )
Power – 8/10                                       ( Very high power level )
Spin – 4/10                                          ( Decent spin for a polyester but you won’t be getting much bite ‘feel’ )
Durability – 6/10                                ( Normal durability for a polyester, strong ability to resist notching at low tensions. )
Tension Stability – 6/10                    ( Initial tension loss is bad, loss at later stages are good )
Playability – 9.5/10                            ( I have not found a polyester that has better playability then this one, not even close )
Control – 8/10                                     ( For spin players, this string will not give enough control , for flatter hitters/touch feel hitters, this string control is extremely good. Fantastic ball pocketing ability. )

Feel ( My subjective opinion ) – 9.5/10   ( This string a the real deal, I believe this is one of the very best polyester in existence , crisp with strong pocketing. ) ( Doesn’t really have the same feel as polyesters. Instead of metallic feel of polyesters, its more like a hollow woody feel. )

In my opinion, as long as you are not a heavy spin player, this string is the most perfect polyester I know of.

Some of its properties are just crazy – strong ball pocketing ability , high power level , incredible playability , ability to remain crisp throughout its life span. At low tensions, its comfort and elasticity is ridiculously good. This string is like the Natural Gut of polyesters.

Hardly noticeable when this string goes dead. When it dies its ‘pop’ has less power, but the increased pocketing effect as tension drops – increases control, perpetual crispiness and increased trampoline-decrease control, increase power, effect makes up for it. Its extremely playable even when its completely dead! In fact I would prefer it’s dead feel.

Weaknesses of this string is –

-Tends to make players hit flatter, poor bite feel.
This string will not work so well at high tensions (e.g 55 pounds or greater)
Tension stability at high tensions for this string is only average, string will still have to be restrung like normal polyesters when tension drops too low.

-Not quite enough feel for players who relies more on net play.

In order for this string to function properly, its has to open up.
At 50 pounds or less it should open up nicely.
at 52 pounds or more, this string has to be strung 3-5 pounds lower in the cross in order for it to open up.
Or you could wait for the string to die, it does seem to become better and open up when its dead.


This string is still on a perfect run at 40-48 pounds with every single one of my customers. 100% excellent feedback soo far , and it has been going on for a long time! 19/20 says this string practically doesn’t die. Amazing feel and comfort for a polyester for touch/feel shots.


Main Characteristics that stands out when compared to other polyesters –

Playability, Pocketing, Crispiness, Power , Liveliness, Feel, Comfort