String Type – Comparison ( Intermediate 3 )

Please note that there is an insanely huge range of different polyesters.
Multi-filaments , synthetic gut , etc also have a range of their own, this comparison here is a general one.

Please read guide to have a better understanding of the terminologies.

Updated on : 10 Oct 2016

In terms of response/feedback

Natural Gut > Multi-filament > Synthetic Gut

( There are Polyesters with superb response, better then Multi-filaments and others that are worst than Nylon. )

( Vibrational Response and feedback , can be pretty subjective. A matter of perferrence. )

In terms of Liveliness

Natural Gut > Polyester >> Multi-filament > Synthetic Gut

In terms of Bite

Polyesters > Natural Gut >> Multi-filament / Synthetic Gut


Polyesters > Natural Gut >> Multi-filament / Synthetic Gut


Natural Gut >> Multi-filament > Polyesters/Synthetic Gut


Natural Gut / Polyester >> Multi-filament > Synthetic Gut

Natural gut is very crisp when fresh, but loses that properties in just a few sessions or even quicker if the player is a big hitter.

Tension stability

Natural Gut ( Barely loses tension after it stabilizes )>>> Multi-filament > Synthetic Gut > Polyester
( Tension stability of Polyesters issn’t great. But due to their high dynamic tension, their tension still remains pretty good although it as lost considerable amounts. ) ( This issue is an important when using a polyester string. )

Note : This might be seem to contradict what I just mentioned above but , stiffer string though lose tension faster, the tension lost is less palpable! – 1 pound of tension lost on natural might feel like 5 pounds lost on a polyester!


Polyesters >> Synthetic gut > Natural gut > Multi-filament


Natural Gut (Perfect ) >>> Multi-filament > Synthetic Gut > Polyester
( Polyester strings loses its peak performance the quickest. ) ( Polyester tensioned at 57+ pound range will die faster )
( But Polyesters strung at lower tensions will have better playability! )


Natural Gut ( Softest) > Multi-filament > Synthetic Gut > Polyester ( Stiffest )

Real Comfort

Natural Gut >> Multi-filament > Synthetic Gut > Polyester

Comfort in terms of feel / Plush

Natural Gut > Multi-filament >> Synthetic Gut > Polyester

(Touch shots)

Natural Gut >> Multi-filament > Synthetic Gut > Polyester
( But Polyesters strung at low tensions are extremely good for touch shots ! )

(Hard hitting)

Polyester >> Natural Gut > Multifilament > Synthetic Gut


Natural Gut >> Multi-filament > Synthetic Gut > Polyester
( Power of Polyester is the lowest, assuming all the string types are strung at the same tension, but polyesters are usually strung at lower tension, this will increase its power level significantly. )
( Polyester actually have more power for really big shots. Power transferrence more efficient , control much high on such shots , allowing player to take bigger cuts without holding back. )
( On extremely hard shots, the softer strings might stretch too much ( Mushy ) I find that power is lost due to absorption from the soft strings. )

Hard hitting Control

Polyesters >> Natural Gut >> Multi-filament > Synthetic Gut

Control for touch shots

Natural Gut >> Multi-filament > Synthetic Gut > Polyesyter
( Note: Low tension ( 40-45 pounds ) Polyester has very significantly better control for touch shots )

Pocketing / Sweet spot size

Natural gut is far superior by a huge margin >> multifilament > synthertic gut / polyesters


Polyesters might have quite a couple of glaring weak points, but they are the most dynamic strings! There are many tricks and methods involving stringing and tension that can be used to change a polyester’s weakness into strength! ( I will talk about this more elsewhere. )

Also, unlike the general comparison as above,there are different models of polyesters, some are really soft and offers good comfort some offers good power, tension stability, etc. (e.g “Signum Pro Poly Plamsa” – Tension stability and control type polyester , “Signum Pro Tornado” – Spin, power and liveliness type polyester )

Technology has made multi-filaments pretty comparable to natural gut in certain characteristics, but when it comes to many other characteristics, Natural Gut remains king.

String-set up , tension level, racquet and play style affects these factors greatly.

Doing a hybrid is an ingenious method to get the very best qualities from the different types of strings. This is a really popular method in the pro tour.


Now I think that you would have enough knowledge to have a proper understanding about the more advance topics.