Comprehensive String Guide



Hi, I am Chester William Francis, owner of SEATennis. I do not claim to know everything regarding these topics perfectly. But I certainly have all the required tools , advantages and a good dose of passion.

I am writing this guide to share whatever I know and mainly to help people have a better understanding about this extremely important but poorly understood part of tennis.

This guide is pretty comprehensive for beginners to the intermediate level. There are still many things that cannot be so simply defined in a guide and some things that are best not openly talked about, it is still the best to talk to me in person.


Guide to Strings ( Introduction )

Guide to Strings ( Basic 1 )

Guide to Strings ( Basic 2 )

Guide to Strings ( Basic 3 )

Guide to Strings ( Basic 4 )


Characteristics/Terminologies ( Intermediate 1 )

Racquet and Tension ( Intermediate 2 )

String Type – Comparison ( Intermediate 3 )


Picking a Tennis Racquet ( Basics )

Gauge ( string thickness )

Hybrid Set-up

String Tensions

Hybrid Tensions

Hybrid soft string/polyester

String elasticity

More about “Control” ( coming soon ) .

How to easily and accurately measure the tension loss of your strings ( Coming soon ).

Advance players and their vastly different stringing needs

Inherent problem of most strings

I will add more soon…  feel free to suggest to me topics.

More about String types

About Polyesters!

String Type ( Structure )

Tension for co-polyesters  

The Magic of Very Low Tension Polyesters!

The incredible qualities of Natural Guts

My recommendations

My Best String Set-ups

Polyester strings ( Differences )

This guide will never be comprehensive without your help! Ask me questions!

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