Testing the new Wilson Racquets ( Burn 95 )

                                  Just strung my new Wilson Burn 95 Kei Nishikori’s racquet of choice. Wilson’s new line of high performance carbon fibre racquets. This particular racquet is actually of the ” Tour” series” . (16×20) pattern , extended length ( […]


Testing the new Wilson Utra XP!

                      Wilson’s newest line of racquets ! Utra XP ! This particular model is Ultra XP 110S This new series of racquet is made for pure power and spin, it looks and feel like none of the other racquets I have seen so far. Pretty […]


Reusing Natural Gut in mains!

Strung – Natural Guts in mains and Polyester in crosses.           Natural guts has excellent tension stability and playability. The polyester in the crosses has already died however the Natural gut is still in excellent condition.   What I have done here, is that I have kept the expansive natural gut […]


Kevlar/Polyester Hybrid

Had to try this set-up. Kevlar being in the mains and Polyester being in the cross. This set-up has probably the greatest spin and control potential. Polyester being in the crosses does what it does best, being a smooth grid allowing the mains to slide and snap-back strongly , this is the most important factor […]


My new racquets

Hi all, I am pretty much done with the small head player racquets. Though these racquets gives a sweeter feel and are better for testing strings, they aren’t so forgiving. I have already done a good load of string testing for a really long time, even to the extend of changing my strokes just to […]


Signum Pro Firestorm 35-47 pounds

Tried firestorm and 55 pounds and I didn’t like it, it was unresponsive , a little stiff , had very bad spin and little to no bite at all. But after listening to a friend to did firestorm at 48 pounds and read more review about this string on tennis warehouse forum, I decided to […]


Hybrid – Hyperion/Micronite and Micronite/Hyperion

Micronite – Multi-filament Hyperion – Soft smooth Co-polyester. Racquet 1 – Micronite in the mains and Hyperion in the crosses. Tension – 50/48 Racquet 2 – Hyperion is the mains and Micronite in the crosses. Tension 48/50 I have tested these string individually several times and knew they’d most likely make a great hybrid. I […]


More new BLX Tour Limited!

  The Wilson BLX Tour Limited is my favorite racquet. I stopped using it about a year ago due to elbow issues. This racquet is probably one of the stiffest racquet in the market, with an incredibly stiff flex rating of 73. Its also an extended length racket. Normal racquets-27 inches. This racquet – 27.5 […]


Racquets for string demo

Hi just thought I would share this. These are my collections of Wilson 6.1.95 racquets which I have been testing the Signum Pro strings on. I might be holding some string demo sessions at my place in the future.